Flymo Chevron 34VC Electric Lawnmower 2016 Review

Flymo Chevron 34VC Electric Lawnmower

What does it take to create the perfect garden? Keeping your grass in top-notch condition is obviously one of the landscaping essentials. For that purpose, you need to buy a quality lawnmower. Flymo Chevron 34VC is one popular pick but should you give it a try? This product review will acquaint you with the functioning of the machine, as well as with some of its most prominent characteristics.

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Does It Really Work?
This lawnmower is great for achieving the classic stripped finish of the backyard grass. This isFlymo Chevron 34VC Electric Lawnmower possible since the Flymo Chevron is equipped with a rear roller that result in a neat cut and the beautiful stripes.

Flymo Chevron comes with a 1400-watt motor and a 34-centimetre wide cutting blade. The lawnmower enables customisation through the selection of five different cutting heights ranging from 20 to 60 millimetres.

Some other technical features that boost the practicality of the mower and are worth mentioning include the 40-litre grass box, a 12-metre long cable and a total weight of 11 kilograms. These dimensions make the mower a perfect piece of garden equipment for small to medium-sized backyards.

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Top Advantages
Before making a decision about purchasing this machine, it’s a good idea to take a look at the experiences of others. The following advantages have been summarised from a vast array of customer reviews:

  • Operates Effectively: The Chevron 34VC gives users two very important features – a Flymo Chevron 34VC Electric Lawnmowerlightweight design that comes alongside powerful performance. The motor of the machine produces enough power to cut grass even when it is damp. The rear rower lets you cut over edges and steep surfaces easily. Getting the classic stripped look is a simple task and the height adjustments are rather easy to make. Most buyers were completely satisfied with the practical appeal and the user-friendliness of the lawn mower.
  • Durable Design: The Flymo lawn mower is designed to last for many years and requires very little maintenance. The reliability and quality of the machine make it one of the premium lawnmowers offered on the market.
  • Easy to Use: lightweight and compact, this electric lawnmower enables the effortless Flymo Chevron 34VC Lawnmowermaintenance of your garden. The 40-litre grass box is on the bigger side, especially when compared to other mowers in the same price range. The box makes it simple to finish the entire backyard without having to empty the cut grass too often.
  • Good Price to Quality Ratio: despite being both powerful and efficient, the Flymo 34VC lawnmower comes at a very affordable price.

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Top Shortcomings
Most individuals that reviewed this Flymo lawnmower were satisfied with its performance. A comprehensive product presentation, however, necessitates the mentioning of a few disasdvantages.

  • Lack of Advanced Design Features: some users reported that the Flymo Chevron Flymo Chevron 34VC Electric Lawnmowerlawnmower had a basic design and the plastic wheels did not run smoothly. The customers however, noted that the simple make of the machine was more of an external characteristic and did not interfere with the overall way in which the device operated.
  • The Cable is a Bit Short: few users who owned a very large garden wrote that they wished the cord was a little longer. Though 12 metres is longer than the 10-metre standard, the mower is still not practical for a bigger backyard.

Easy to operate, functional and practical, Flymo Chevron 34VC is an excellent pick for anyone interested in maintaining the perfect backyard. The mower is more powerful than some of the other market options and it can be used on wet grass. These characteristics set it apart and enhance its functioning. If you are looking for a quality lawnmower that will deliver optimum performance under all kinds of conditions, this garden machine is going to be the perfect pick for you.

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