Flymo Turbo 400 1500W Electric Lawnmower Comprehensive 2016 Review

Flymo Turbo 400 1500W Electric Lawnmower

Flymo is a well-established company that has been manufacturing lawnmowers for decades. The company’s catalogue is quite extensive, which is why picking the best model may be a challenging task. The following review will acquaint you with some of the most important features of this Flymo lawn mower helping you decide whether the machine is the right one for you.

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Does It Work?
The Flymo Turbo 400 Lawn Mower is a machine that features the company’s typical air cushionFlymo Turbo 400 1500W Electric Lawnmower technology. The hovercraft lawnmower requires less force to be used effectively, which makes cutting the grass a much easier task.

This electric lawnmower is equipped with a 1500-watt motor and a 40-centimetre cutting blade. The length of the power cord is 12 metres, which makes the lawnmower suitable for smaller to medium-sized gardens.

Several other features determine the convenience and the effectiveness of Flymo 400. There are five different cutting heights that range from 15 to 41 millimetres. The lawnmower itself weighs only eight kilograms, which is on the lighter side. It can easily be pushed around and stored conveniently without occupying too much space.

Top Advantages
The Flymo 400 Turbo Lawn Mower has several key characteristics that set it apart from other machines. We’ve gone through consumer reviews and we summarised some of the biggest advantages:

  • Very powerful and easy to use: Flymo 400 can cut all kinds of grass – short, wet or dry. The powerful motor delivers excellent results, regardless of the conditions. The hovercraft component of this lawnmower simplifies the process of pushing the machine around.
  • Can be used for cutting very tall grass: many lawnmowers cannot tackle long grass or wet grass. The Flymo 400 Lawn Mower is suitable for both purposes. It’s great for the individuals that don’t feel like cutting the grass each week and that do the job only occasionally.
  • Easy to store: apart from being lightweight, this lawnmower folds together to occupy minimal amounts of space. If you have a very small garden shed or garage, this is the right lawnmower for you.
  • Silent functioning: since it’s an electric rather than a petroleum mower, the Flymo mower is rather silent.
  • Easy to manoeuvre: the mower can be used around flower beds and the edges of the backyard. It will cut the grass there and give you an even, perfectly landscaped lawn.
  • Excellent price to quality ratio: Flymo is known for the well-manufactured, affordable equipment. This machine is no exception. The Turbo 400 is much less expensive than other options on the market but it delivers more power and easier usage.

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A Few Shortcomings
Flymo Turbo is a practical and affordable lawnmower that does precisely what it promises to. This is the main reason why the majority of reviewers have fallen in love with this piece of landscaping equipment. Still, the Flymo 400 Lawn Mower has a couple of intrinsic problems:

  • No grass box: all of the grass that the lawnmower cuts will be left behind. You will have toFlymo Turbo 400 1500W Electric Lawnmower collect it manually after you’re done.
  • Not the perfect landscaping possibility: some lawnmowers leave the backyard grass with beautiful stripes. The Flymo 400 doesn’t deliver such results. It will provide a basic cut without additional thrills.
  • The cable gets in the way: this is one of the biggest problems with electric lawnmowers. The power cable can get in the way, which will slow grass cutting down and prove to be a major inconvenience.

Flymo Turbo 400 is a powerful lawnmower that comes at an attractive price. The powerful motor is this machine’s biggest advantage, since it enables landscaping in all kinds of conditions. The biggest problem with this lawnmower is that it doesn’t have a grass box, which will result in some mess.

Flymo is one the biggest and most popular lawn mower brands, a household name when it comes to hover mowers with out doubt. If you want a lite easy to use mower then you can not go wrong with a flymo lawnmower.

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