Hayter Envoy Electric Lawn Mower 2016 Review



The Hayter Envoy 36cm push roller mower is a piece of gardening equipment that has gotten a big number of positive reviews. Several characteristics of this machine determine its attractiveness and functionality. The following review will acquaint you with the most important characteristics, the biggest advantages and some of the features that the buyers weren’t particularly satisfied with.

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Does It Really Work?
Hayter’s motto is self explanatory – Makers of the Finest Mowers. The company has long beenHayter Envoy dedicated to craftsmanship and guaranteeing the quality of its production. The Hayter Envoy electric lawn mower is no exception.

This machine is powered by an exceptional 1500-watt motor. The cutting blade’s width is 36 centimetres, which is big enough to speed up the job. A rear roller is available to create a striped effect that many people consider to be very attractive.

There’s a 17-m cable that makes the mower great for both small and mid-sized gardens. The cable is detachable, which simplifies changes and also eases the storage of the machine.

Hayter has created this machine to be used in a vast range of conditions. The mower is powerful enough to cut both dry and wet grass. It can handle taller grass, as well, so it’s a good machine for people that don’t feel like cutting the grass on a weekly basis.

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Main Advantages
Hayter Envoy 36cm push roller mower has a big number of positive characteristics. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Excellent build, sturdy materials: Hayter machines are known for their excellent and Hayter Envoy reviewresilient design. The Hayter Envoy electric mower is made of very tough ABS polymer. The metal blade deck is made of high impact material.
  • Several height adjustments: there are seven grass cutting heights that you can choose among. These range from 13 to 60 millimetres. The adjustments are made from a single lever.
  • Big grass box: the 38-litre grass box is bigger than what similar machines have to offer. Because of this capacity, you’ll be free from having to empty the bag too often. If you decide to, you can leave the bag off and the cuttings will remain on the lawn.
  • Compact and manoeuvrable: regardless of its 22 kilograms, the Hayter Envoy electric lawn mower is very compact and easy to manoeuvre. It can easily be stored in a full, tiny shed because of the convenient design.
  • Silent functioning: most of the Hayter machines are known for their incredibly silent functioning and the Hayter Envoy 36cm push roller mower is no exception.
  • Multiple uses: some buyers were very happy with the fact that this mower can be used for the collection of leaves in the autumn. It will simply have to be adjusted to the highest height setting. The grass will remain intact while the fallen leaves will be picked up and shredded.
  • Foldable handle for easier storage: to make the machine even easier to store, Hayter has equipped with a foldable handle.

A Few Shortcomings
This great mower has a few shortcomings, as well. A couple of problems have been mentioned in several customer reviews and here are the most common ones:

  • A bit heavy: people who are used to lighter mowers may feel that the Hayter Envoy is a bit heavy for its size. Though the weight contributes to better grass cutting, it may require some getting used to.
  • Very sensitive start button: the sensitive start button gets triggered quite easily during the process of work.
  • A bit expensive: Hayter machines can be seen as expensive in comparison to other market options. The quality of the materials and the impeccable functioning of the mower, however, justify the additional expenditure.

Hayter’s lawnmowers are powerful, silent and manoeuvrable. If you’re looking for a quality Hayter Envoy LAWNMOWER REVIEWmachine that you’ll get to use in the years to come, this is the right brand for you. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that Hayter mowers tend to be relatively heavy.

The Hayter Envoy electric lawn mower is easy to operate and it comes with all of the adjustments needed to keep your lawn in ideal condition. The length of the cable is sufficient and the grass box is also big enough. You’ll like the machine if you’re looking for both stability and convenience in the same piece.

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